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The proprietary Flexiroc mix was created by Enviromate's British inventor as an innovation in sport surfacing.The material's ability to absorb and dissipate large amounts of energy resulted in the creation of Ballistiroc and ultimately the more resilient Protectiflex, Equine Air and Tremorflex.


Flexisport® is a highly inventive sub-surface protection system. A two-tier, stable, suspended, free-draining flexible foundation specifically designed to be used in tandem with any 3G sports surface to achieve new standards of shock absorbency, with no adverse effects on performance, players or equipment.



  • Equine Air offers a patented system providing an engineered base with intrinsic elastic and stability properties. 

  • Resistant to movement and cracking following repeated dynamic loading. 

  • Tough, resilient and energy absorbing,  reducing impact on the horses joints. 

  • Made and laid with conventional concrete plant and equipment. 

  • A one-layer system laid directly onto an existing racetrack base or subsoil and sand topped. 

  • A more economical alternative with reduced maintenance costs compared with conventional surfaces


ProtectiFlex was derived from the original Ballistiroc product. ProtectiFlex offers a bespoke blast and projectile force protection building product, which can be retrofitted to existing structures or integrated into new designs. Its innovative formula allows bullet and bomb blast overpressure to be absorbed and dissipated through the structure, preventing spalling. 



Tremorflex offers a construction solution to areas devestated by seismic activity. It is able to absorb the seismic waves energy and dissipate them slowly through the system resulting in a tenfold greater resilience to damage than traditional reinforced concrete blockwork wall systems.