Key Properties of Flexiroc:


Flexiroc is a construction product which can be tailored to meet the demands and specifications of the client. Through its innate properties, it is able to flex under force and dissipate the energy through the system, instead of shattering under load without cracking and return to its original shape when the load is removed.



Flexiroc is flexiblle, tough, resilient and energy absorbing. It has been extensively load tested in the field and laboratory.


Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUD)

Flexiroc is highly porous and provides an effective infiltration system to allow surface water to quickly drain and prevent localised flooding.

Infiltration rates in field tests on pavement laid by road paver have shown the material to be very effective as a drainage medium. Laboratory testing to ASTM C1701 Infiltration Rate of In Place Porous Concrete has provided infiltration results as high as 45 metres per hour for Flexiroc equivalent to a no fines concrete.



Flexiroc is a sustainable product made with a large proportion of recycled non biodegradable material, helping to minimise the greenhouse gas emission. Most of this recycled material is traditionally disposed by being burned, releasing toxic gases and greenhouse emissions, contributing to global warming. Flexiroc's use of recycled material also helps to reduce non-biodegradable landfill thereby reducing impact on the ecosystem and wider global climate concerns.

As a company we adopt the principles of the circular economy and look to partner like-minded institutions.